Stealing is obviously illegal, and perhaps more importantly, immoral. However, most of us have nicked something in our lifetimes, whether it was a candy bar as a kid or we absentmindedly walked out with a bottle of Coke we had otherwise intended to pay for.

There are some of us though that perhaps get a little thrill out of taking something that doesn't belong to us. And it seems that our baser instincts like to come out when we are at restaurants.


Having worked in a restaurant before, I know that people oftentimes walk off with items that weren't a complementary part of their meal. And when I discovered a thread of fellow Texans admitting to their restaurant theft sins, I had to laugh. Many of the items taken are mostly harmless and others were absolutely brazen "heists". Seriously, how did they get out of IHOP with a whole bottle of syrup?

Of course, I have omitted names, even if I'm protecting the guilty. Let's assume these all happened long ago, and that the statutes of limitations have passed.

Here's a list of items Texans love to steal from restaurants- and restaurant owners, these are the things you might want to buy a few back-ups of:

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