Ever felt like there might be a stranger in your home? I know when I was a teenager and my parents were out, I used to panic if I heard any weird noises. I even called the police a couple of times to have them come out and give our house a walk-through. I've seen too many scary movies and read too many stories about squatters hiding in someone's home to let loud bumps in the night slide...

What if you actually found someone hiding in your home? What would be your first move?

TikTok creator @thehodgepodgeplace shared the horrific story of what it was like to discover a squatter hiding under her BED. Not only had the man been living in her home without her knowing, he had been there for FOUR MONTHS.

Holy moly. I would DIE.

Check it out below:

Can you imagine? I don't think I'd recover from something like that. I'd be terrified forever. I feel less weird about checking underneath my bed occasionally after hearing her story.

She also mentioned that the man was a friend of her brother. That's even weirder. I bet her brother wasn't happy to hear about all of that. Not cool, bro.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Do you care to share your story with me and the rest of the world? You can leave me a comment below this article, or email me directly at Chrissy.Covington@townsquarmedia.com.

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