Alex Jones may be at the end of his rope.

Travis County Sheriff’s Office
Travis County Sheriff’s Office

I thought this was America

I love it when people say, "I thought this was America!" and use it to defend the most reprehensible behavior. It just goes to show how much people misunderstand how far you can push the envelope. Alex Jones is one of those people who thought he could say anything with no repercussions. He is now finding out that he has the freedom to say anything, but the repercussions can ruin you.

Jones Owes Big

There is a judgement against Jones of 1.5 billion dollars to the survivors of the Sandy Hooks shooting. Jones, and it was proven in court, claimed for years that killed 26 people, 20 of them children was a hoax. He didn't just float the idea either, he doubled down at any chance he had. Oh, and he's made wackier claims

Will He Go Quiet?

Jones agreed to a liquidation of assets earlier today. He will have to sell everything other than his personal property and his home (He had already received permission to sell his ranch to pay down debts). As for Infowars, it will most likely be kept alive and sold, rather than being shut down. So, it's probably a good guess that Alex Jones may be done, but some a lot like him that does a better job of toeing the line will take his place.

This Guy Needs Help

Like many people, I'm confused about Alex Jones. Is he a performer, a newsman, or what? Does he believe what he says, or does he have a black soul? Jones appeared to be crying on-air last week about possibly being shut down, but before that was spotted partying in Terlinga, Texas (So was he spending all he could, before they came and took it?). Alex Jones is an enigma, and as of right now, a very broke and possibly done with broadcasting enigma.

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