We were recently part of an extended power outage in my neck of the woods. I'd like to remind you of what you should have on hand to protect yourself.

Image by monart3 from Pixabay
Image by monart3 from Pixabay

Texas has already issued warnings about it's electrical grid and summer has not even started yet. There is almost no doubt that this summer will be as hot or hotter than the one before it. This means extra pressure on the grid to keep Texans cool along with their regular electric needs.

The power is going to go out. It may not be a grid failure. It may just be a transformer blowing up in your neighborhood or some unfortunate animal shorting out a critical system (that's what happened to me). The things you need to get by for a few hours are fairly simple and not much of a problem, as long as you prepare.

There is only one item on my list which will set you back a few hundred dollars. All the other items can be had for less than ten bucks, with some around a buck. It's worth it to have these items in your house and they should pick up some use on a regular basis (just remember to replace them).

Things You Need To Get Through A Power Outage In Texas

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