There is no reason to deny it; people drive quickly in Texas. If you don’t agree just go jump on your local highway or interstate road and make your way into the left-hand lane. If you’re not going fast enough you will find out quickly as people start driving very close to your bumper. But law enforcement knows that people in Texas are a little heavy footed at times and occasionally those instances end with a citation. But we are now finding out what vehicles seem to get the most attention from police officers. 

Speeding Ticket in Texas

If you’re caught speeding in Texas and get a citation, on average it’s going to cost you about $247. Obviously, that cost could go up or down depending on the situation and how fast you were going. Nobody wants a speeding ticket, but police officers must enforce the speed limit or else the number of fatal crashes in Texas would skyrocket.  

Speeding Tickets Not from All Sports Cars 

When you think of driving fast, you’re probably thinking about a vehicle with a huge motor that can accelerate quickly and has huge top end speed. But it’s not always the sports cars that are collecting the speeding tickets. Which was well represented in the list below. 

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Let’s Look at the Vehicles Getting the Most Speeding Tickets 

According to Insurify, here is a look at what types of vehicles are getting the most speeding tickets.  

List of Vehicles Receiving the Most Speeding Tickets in 2024

According to Insurify, these vehicle brands are getting the most amount of speeding citations.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Texas

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau here are the 10 most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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