Most of us know that Texas is the best state in the country, which is a big reason as to why we choose to live here. There is so much to do and see in a state that is so gigantic. We have everything from professional sports to natural beauty that will keep everyone in the family entertained and having a good time. But let’s go even deeper as to why Texas is better than all other states in the U.S. 

Texas is the Best

Everyone in Texas would agree, the reason that our home state is so amazing is the genuine people that you meet here. Sure, you can find nice people in every state but the number of kind people here in Texas is unmatched. Every time you leave your home you have the chance of meeting a new friend, if you’re stopping anywhere there is a good chance that a stranger might strike up a conversation. In Texas, “Kind People Are Our Kinda People.” 

Everything is Great in Texas 

There are some people that might not love the Texas heat in the summertime, but there is always a pool to jump in or a water park to visit to have fun as you cool down.  

Looking at A to Z Why Texas is the Best 

We could talk for days about how fantastic Texas is as a state. But we know you’re busy so here is a look at so many reasons why Texas is the best as we go from A to Z. 

Reasons Texas Is The Best US State A to Z

Reasons Texas Is #1

15 Things that Make Texans Proud to Be from Texas

There are many reasons to love the state of Texas, here are 15 reasons we are proud to call Texas home.

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