In Texas we are fortunate enough to have a little bit of everything. We have bigger cities like Houston, Austin and the Metroplex. But there are also small rural towns with cute downtown areas and people that will show you what southern hospitality is all about. But it’s nice to hear that you can get some of that feeling where you’re treated like you’re at home in these small towns not only in Texas but across the country. 

Small Town USA

While I haven’t been able to visit all the small towns across the country that I would like it’s nice to have a list like this of great little towns where you will be treated like a neighbor who grew up around there. We are talking about places that open their doors to strangers to just to make sure they have a good time and are taken care of during their visit. It doesn’t happen all the time but it’s amazing when locals make you feel welcome in their small town. 

These Small Towns are Perfect for a Vacation 

When you’re planning your next vacation, you might want to look at one of the towns listed below. They are going to offer you and your family a more pleasurable experience than dealing with the stress of the bigger cities. Although, do what makes you happy. 

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Let’s Look at the Friendliest Small Towns 

Here is a look at some of the wonderful small towns around the country where you will be treated like family even if it’s your first time visiting.  

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