I'll start right off by saying I'm certainly no golf pro. In fact, to say I'm an avid player is even a stretch. That's not to say I haven't played my share of the game and know a good-looking golf course when I see one. I was no stranger to the golf course growing up. My dad was an avid golfer and it was my job to drive the cart. What kid would say no to that?

Growing up and learning the game, I took on a whole new appreciation. Where you play makes a difference. That's why there are hundreds of courses all over the world. The fun, the landscape, and the skill needed. It makes a difference.

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Luckily, Abilene has no shortage of good golf in and around the area. Some are public and some are semi-private clubs but they all provide a great game of golf. If you don't mind a little travel, you can really cover off on playing some great areas. Keep scrolling to discover just some of the golf courses in and around Abilene.

Look: Sink Your Next Putt at These 10 Golf Courses in and Around Abilene

That's just a sample of the golf courses you'll find throughout the Big Country. You'll find courses in almost all of the smaller towns. Haskell, Aspermont, and even as far as Brownwood. Every summer you can count on at least one or more golf tournaments at these smaller golf clubs. I've come to find out that it's called the "barbeque circuit". There are some golfers that only play these summer tournaments exclusively.

No matter how you slice it, as the weather continues to cool down and we head into the fall months, it's a great time to get in a game of golf. But first, how about getting in some putting practice? You'd be surprised how cool miniature golf courses are getting nowadays. Scroll on to check out some of the top-ranked in Texas.

Top Ranked Mini Golf Locations in Texas

If you love playing minature golf here are the highest ranked courses in Texas.

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