I don't know about you but in this area with all of the fire dangers, I sure am thankful for fire departments. Especially in the rural towns around Abilene. Volunteer fire departments are vital and they rely financially on the communities they serve. I personally know a few volunteer firefighters. I hear the stories. They are serious and passionate about what they do. The late nights, grueling heat fighting the fires in our towns. It's not just the fires. There are all kinds of emergency responses that the Rowena Volunteer Fire Department faces. That's why I support these men and women any chance I get.

One such opportunity is coming up on August 28th as the Rowena Volunteer Fire Department hosts a chicken strip dinner.

When: Sunday, August 28th
Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Where: Rowena Fire Hall (next to the water tower)

Chicken strips with all the fixings for $15 per plate. Drive-through only.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Your help with this event can ensure that the Rowena Volunteer Fire Department has the funding it needs for equipment, protective gear, vehicles and so much more. But that's not all. Recently the programs and functions of the department have changed to include medical emergency response, prevention, preparedness, and awareness programs. Then, the Rowena Volunteer Fire Department is further split up into divisions to include aircraft rescue, community risk reduction, and the inspection division that ensures structures are fireproof.

The Rowena VFD stands to watch over Runnels county. Now is the time to give back some support.