The cool snap we had last week got me to thinking about one thing, Texas whitetail deer. I daydream about whitetails all the time and I wonder where the best places are for a good hunt. The Texas Deer Association (TDA is a nonprofit organization) is a good place to start looking for land with good healthy deer herds. The TDA assists farmers, ranchers and landowners to improve the Texas whitetail deer crop. Have you priced a good lease lately? Hold on to your wallet, cause it's getting more expensive.

It used to be that a landowner had the land and you leased it by the gun, he even wished you luck in getting a deer, right? Today the landowner/farmer/rancher will overwhelm you with topographical maps, pictures and videos of his or her land and their "deer cash crop".  First off, the Texas Deer Association cares for the welfare and health of deer herds and methods to increase deer and hunting quality in Texas. The TDA is working toward better conservation, appropriate regulations, and improving the overall quality of deer herds in Texas.

So are you ready? Check your equipment, rifle, scope, ammunition, bow and arrows. Don't just assume that your rifle made it through winter a-okay. Test fire it a lot get to know it. Practice makes perfect.
Have you found a place? Check it, place your stands or blinds, survey the area. Don't just take the landowners word for it, scout the land look for signs and then get ready for a successful hunting season.

Check with the TDA and then get ready to bring in the next Boone and Crockett Monster Buck.

This video shows how to get started in managing whitetails