Katy Perry will announce the winner of the "Roar" contest on October 18th and we want to get her attention in hopes she'll pick our very own Cooper High School.

Many have already taken to Twitter using #pickcooper with the aspiration of becoming a trending topic that Katy herself will notice and act on.

Hashtags (#) are commonly used on Twitter as a means of organizing topics by a specific keyword. In this case, the keyword/phrase is pickcooper. When a lot of people start using the same hashtag it then becomes a trending topic. If enough people get on board, then we can become the top trending topic on Twitter and maybe, just maybe, Katy Perry will see that and respond to our plea.

As 1 of the top 5 national finalists, Cooper High School will get the opportunity to have Katy Perry come in and perform a concert for the students. That is, if Perry picks CHS as the winner of the "Roar" video contest, so please help us help the students of Cooper High School.

Let's get her attention by making #pickcooper a trending topic on Twitter. Just log in to your Twitter account and simply include these words in your status: @katyperry #pickcooper. Obviously, you can put anything else in that Tweet, just as long as it's under 140 characters.

To make it easy on you, just copy and paste this on your Twitter account today: Hey @katyperry please #pickcooper http://mix925abilene.com/?p=180357.

Make sure you have all of your friends do the same and let's get Katy's attention.

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