Several tornadoes slammed into North Texas Wednesday (May 15th) that left 6 dead and several people injured and homeless. Some of the reportedly 16 tornadoes that touched down across Texas were caught on tape. 

From the time that I got on the air at 3pm yesterday (May 15th) until about 10pm last night, I was glued to the Weather Channel, radar, storm spotter reports, and in other means of weather updates. I had been monitoring the storms that were rolling into Abilene, but my attention turned very quickly to the storms that were hitting the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as storm spotters were reporting that super cells capable of producing tornadoes could be hitting that area. So, needless to say, I got pretty worried about my mom, who lives in Grand Prairie.

Around 7:30 or so is when the bulk of the storms rolled into the DFW area with one tornado reported in Weatherford. Shortly after, a massive tornado was confirmed ripping through Grandbury and moving northeast towards Grand Prairie. I called my mom and when she answered, I could hear the sirens going off through the phone.

Eventually she was safe, but others in the area were not so lucky.

Six people died, several people injured and at least 14 are still missing from the storms as cleanup starts this morning.

My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by these deadly tornadoes, some of which were caught on tape.

Milsap Texas

Grandbury Texas