The smartest of the smart, known as the 'Mensa Society' will be tackling a very touchy subject, especially for a lot of Mensa members. Fat activist Dr. Cat Pausé, a Human Development Lecturer and a Fat Studies researcher at the Massey University of New Zealand will be the featured speaker / motivator for the Permian Basin Mensa Society of West Texas. This annual conference is open to all West Texans who would like to attend.

Dr. Pause' gave up on her battle of the bulge and now carries a scale with her that has no numbers, but rather words of encouragement, like you're 'Hot' or you are "Simply Stunning' or you're a 'Beautiful Person'. Dr. Pausé will be hosting the first ever, World Fat Studies conference in New Zealand later this year.

Location: Petroleum Professional Development Center

221 North Main St.

Midland, Texas 797016:30 PM - Gather and snack, bring a dish to share

7:30 PM - Formal Program

Source:  Robert G. Volkmann Secretary for the Permian Basin Mensa Society

Mensa is the international social organization for people who score in the top 2% on a standardized, supervised IQ test.