A dog had just had puppies in the scorching Arizona heat.  She had nowhere to go but new her babies needed help.  She laid in the middle of the street until finally a caring couple stopped to help her. The Wilk's tried to get the dog to come with them but she wasn't having that, she had puppies stashed under a bush and they needed help.  She led the couple to the puppies.

There were six little white balls all gathered under a bush.  The couple called a no kill rescue center where the puppies now reside.

The pups are now 10 days old and will be adopted out once they are weened from the mother.  The couple that found the dog will adopt her(the mommy) once she is no longer needed to care for the pups.  They say she is a wonderful dog and if her puppies are anything like her they will make great pets.

A great ending to this story.  The pups will surely find great homes and the mom already has one waiting on her with the Wilks family.

Our own Rudy Fernandez does a lot of work with Abilene's Rescue the Animals and has some information regarding animals up for adoption right here in Abilene. You can see his story about "Tire-Tool" a rescued chihuahua previously posted on the KEAN website.