If you think you've seen every type of play in a football game, you might be wrong. Check out how this high school defensive back intercepted the snap of the football and returned it for a touchdown.  Yes, I said the snap of the football. 

The game was between two Kansas high school teams, Garden City and Dodge City.  The arch rivals met to play for, what they call, 'The Hatchet' and Dodge City was going for a playoff spot.

In the video, you'll see the Garden City center snap the ball, not thinking that the quarterback is in shotgun formation.  The ball bounces off the center's rear end and into the air where Dodge City defensive back, Immanuel Galloway, snags the ball out of the air and runs it back for a touchdown.

I know I've never seen a play like this.  Check it out.

DB Intercepts Snap and Runs for TD