Disney fans have a new reason to sign up for Disney+, the company’s upcoming streaming service: Old movies.

Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed today that Disney+ will eventually feature “the entire Disney motion picture library.” His exact quote:

At some point, fairly soon after launch, it will house the entire Disney motion picture library. So the movies that you speak of that have traditionally been kept in a vault and have been brought out every few years will be on the service. And we’re producing a number of original movies and television shows that will be Disney branded. So it’s going to combine the old and the new.

For decades, Disney has kept some of its titles away from the public in what’s referred to as the “Disney Vault.” A film might be available on VHS or Blu-ray for a few years, then the title will go out of print and back into the vault, as it were. And there are some films which have always been hard to see — like the notorious Song of the South, which contains some of the company’s most famous songs, and its most infamous racial content.

I wouldn’t be surprised if something like Song of the South isn’t available on Disney+; “the entire motion picture library” might come with some unspoken caveats. Still, if the vast majority of Disney’s classic animated titles are available and included with Disney+, that’s a pretty great selection of films right there, particularly if you’re a parent with kids who, just as a hypothetical example, love to watch Frozen and then go right into Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, then double back to Frozen Fever, and repeat the whole cycle over. Now you might be able to lure them into watching Snow White or 101 Dalmations or some other Disney title. At least for a little while. Disney+ is scheduled to go online sometime in late 2019.

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