It has to be hard being the parent of a superstar. Think of all the bad gossip you have to see splashed on the rags at your local grocery store checkout lane, or the weird opinions from total strangers on social media. People probably ask you for loans a lot. Still, there's one thing that has to be, hands down, the worst part of being the parent of a celebrity: the sex scenes.

Funny lady Kristen Wiig has only stripped down a little bit on the big screen, but her dad is not having any of it anymore. On last night's 'Late Show,' Wiig talked sex scenes with host David Letterman, including her dad's absolute least favorite: that barnburner in 'MacGruber' (which you can relive below).

Also revealed in this footage: David Letterman is a huge, huge fan of 'MacGruber' ("It's so stupid in the best possible way!") and is very excited about the possibility of 'MacGruber 2'. Make it happen, Will Forte!

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