I can really identify with Chuck Wicks new song "Us Again" from his new Blaster Records album. Have you ever lost someone you loved so much, that a short time later, you'd do anything to have that person back? Chuck nails this one, as I listened I started getting a flood of memories, remembering every high and every low, every kiss and every tender moment. It's like I was 19 again, standing there wanting to feel that kind of love again. Check it out and see if it doesn't resurrect old memories of that one love you'd like to get back again.

This is Chuck Wicks new song "Us Again"

Awesome song Chuck, keep those love ballads coming. The last love ballad Chuck released went straight to the top of the charts. "Stealing Cinderella" is still the biggest hit Chuck's had since he started in the music business. Keep up the good work Chuck.