Chris Young has already announced that his next studio album will include some exciting collaborations, such as an appearance from Kane Brown, as well as his already released duet with Lauren Alaina, "Town Ain't Big Enough." Now, the singer reveals that his next album will also feature yet another star-studded team-up.

"I've [also] got a collab with Brad Paisley and Riley Green on the record," Young told The Boot and other outlets on the red carpet before the 2019 ACM Honors ceremony. "So, lots of stuff for people to dig into. I don't wanna give too much away as far as titles and stuff, but I'm really pumped for people to hear it."

Though Young couldn't reveal too much about the specifics of the songs themselves, he did add that his ventures into collaboration on the upcoming project yielded some surprising responses from his friends within the music industry.

"I've actually had a couple people text me, like, 'We've gotta do something at some point!' [It's] like, 'Oh, okay! I didn't realize that was gonna create that response, but yeah, sure!'" he says with a laugh. "So it's something that's been fun, being able to be in the studio with your friends and make music, and people really freak out about it. I mean, this song with Lauren has had an incredible response."

The process of incorporating other artists into these songs began organically, Young explains, based on what he felt would sound right for the song itself. "It's just those three -- it's not a collab record -- but for me, the coolest thing was being able to have a song that I wrote or I found and going, 'You know what would be perfect here?' And then orchestrating all of that," he relates, going on to say that "Town Ain't Big Enough" is a perfect example of how the collaborations naturally fell together.

"You really run into situations where it seems like, 'Okay, this song seems like it's gonna be perfect for this person.' That's what happened with Lauren," he says. "She was the very first person I called. That's who popped into my head when we wrote the song. And luckily she wanted to be a part of it."

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