Trail cameras are one of our favorite ways to see wildlife in action.

From wolves to bears, it's amazing how often these cameras catch animals in absolutely fascinating situations.

Earlier in July, Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico shared a picture from October 2019 of a young bull elk caught on camera.

While we can all appreciate the beauty of an elk, it's not the real reason this picture is so fascinating.

Take a close look and see if you can spot the mountain lion stalking the elk.

Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge via Facebook

Need some help?

Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge via Facebook

After looking at this, I have a whole new appreciation for camouflage.

It's crazy how perfectly the light and dark areas on the mountain lion's face allow it to blend in with the surrounding rocks.

The rest of the camera footage shows the young elk wandering off-camera as it grazes and the mountain lion stalking behind it.

But, there is no footage showing how this story ended. I'm going to pretend that this bull elk lived to see another day...

The Rio Mora National Refuge is located between the Great Plains and Southern Rocky Mountains in northeastern New Mexico.

The Refuge was established in 2012 and offers wildlife-dependent recreational opportunities, including wildlife watching and photography, and seasonal hunting.

I one hundred percent recommend following the Rio Mora National Refuge on Facebook where they are continuously posting fabulous pictures of wildlife caught on camera.

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