The Cadillac Three have finished writing and recording their fourth album, the follow-up to 2017's Legacy. According to a recent interview with Taste of Country, the group isn't scared of showing how proud they are of the new music: "It's awesome," Cadillac Three member Kelby Ray said when asked to describe the project, to the agreement of all of his bandmates.

Beyond their enthusiasm about the project, the country group explains that their latest record is a return to the kind of music that kicked off their careers: "It's kind of back to where we started," frontman Jaren Johnston explains. "It's heavier. It's extremely Southern. Surprise, surprise."

That heavy, Southern feel is a natural aesthetic for the group to achieve, considering that Johnston's unmistakable and gravelly vocals lend themselves to a swampy sound. When asked if his distinctive voice makes it more difficult to collaborate with outside artists on duet tracks, Johnston says he "isn't sure" if the aesthetic makes it difficult for other vocalists to sing with him.

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"We had Lori McKenna on the last record, and she seems to sing fine," he says.

However, one song that didn't make it onto Legacy was a duet with "More Girls Like You" singer Kip Moore, who is a longtime friend of Johnston's and, according to Taste of Country, does a pretty spot-on impression of the singer. "We actually did a duet, it was me and Kip Moore, that didn't make it on the last record. I sounded a lot better than him, and I think that's why he didn't want to do it," Johnston adds with a laugh.

Legacy came out in August of 2017, and was the group's third studio album as well as The Boot's August 2017 Album of the Month. The Cadillac Three are currently wrapping up their lengthy 2018 Long Hair, Don't Care Tour. For more information, and to stay up-to-date about the group's upcoming fourth record, check out their website.

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