Eight years after the release of the original, the sequel to 'Sin City' is officially on the way and casting big names left and right. Since much of 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' will take place prior to the first, that means we'll see the return of many characters who have no reason to still be breathing...including Bruce Willis' Detective Hartigan.

Willis' return was confirmed by director Robert Rodriguez in an interview with MTV, where he played coy with the superstar's involvement but made one thing clear: he will be back. His exact words were "Bruce is back, so you'll be seeing him," which could mean "He's back in a lead role!" or "He's back in a little cameo in another story!", so take that whatever way you please.

Rodriguez also talked about the involvement of Bruce Willis doppelganger Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who will be making his first visit the violent black and white world of 'Sin City." Unlike the talk of Willis, he was more than willing to spill the beans about what his new star will be up to:

"It's a new character. He plays a gambler, a very cocky gambler, who comes in and tries to beat the biggest villain in Sin City at his own game. The story's called 'The Long, Bad Night.' He beats the wrong guy in a game and bad stuff happens to him."

And finally, Rodriguez addressed the film's 3D. He was pretty humble about it actually:

"We're really playing with stuff because that's a very two dimensional world and to see that stylization in 3D, it'll blow people's minds. 3D hasn't been used like this yet."

Wait...humble's not the world we're looking for. How about "setting up expectations in a way that can never be fulfilled because 3D is generally awful and we remember 'Spy Kids 3D' more than Rodriguez wishes we did"?

In any case, 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' will arrive on October 4th.