This week was an exciting one for Brent Cobb, who released not one but two new music videos off of his forthcoming album, Providence Canyon. He wasn't the only country artist rolling out new videos this week, however: Cole Swindell and Michael Ray cornered the heartbreak market with two new musics depicting couples going through tough times. Read on to watch 'em all!

Brent Cobb, "Mornin's Gonna Come"

Brent Cobb's music video for "Mornin's Gonna Come" is animated and quirky. It's a visual nod to the song's lyrics like "Watch out for Miss comin' up to you / Leanin' up on you / Wanna take you home tonight / She got herself a six-foot-fiver Mac Truck driver / Comin' in hot, and he loves to fight." But it's not completely literal; it mostly features a party out in the woods with plenty of beer, dancing and music, and Cobb tells Relix, "What's done in the dark will be brought to the light. Whether tomorrow hurts or heals is up to you. That's the idea of the song anyway. We focused more on the party for the video. One ticket for the moon tower please..." "Morning's Gonna Come" is from Cobb's next record Providence Canyon, out May 11.--CV

Brent Cobb, "Come Home Soon"

Cobb's also released another music video for the track “Come Home Soon," and viewers will notice its ties to the previous video "Mornin's Gonna Come" as it features the aftermath of the party for one character in particular. "Come Home Soon" was born from his touring experience with Willie Nelson seven years ago. "It was the first major tour I had been a part of," Cobb tells the Fader. "I was living it up! And maybe losing myself a little... It's hard to tell when you're in the middle of it. Sometimes, even these days, it's still hard to tell."--CV

Cole Swindell, "Somebody's Been Drinkin'"

Cole Swindell dropped the music video for new single “Somebody’s Been Drinkin’” which is off his upcoming third studio album. If you saw the video for "Break Up in the End," you'll realize this clip is "part two" of the story. While the "Break Up in the End" video is shot from the guy's perspective, this one focuses on the woman's perspective. Though she's with friends at a bar and trying to have a good time, it's clear her heart just isn't in it. With flashbacks to happier times and an evening spent trying to forget the heartbreak, more than one person will relate to the emotion in this video. -- CV

Michael Ray, "Get to You"

Michael Ray has released the official music video for "Get to You," the lead-off single on his  forthcoming sophomore album, Amos, and the video speaks directly to the song's story line of a man pleading with his gun-shy love interest to let her guard down and let him love her. The video sees Ray singing directly to a woman who avoids eye contact, interspersed with shots of the singer performing live and his tour buses rolling down the road. -- CL

The Last Bandoleros, "Love With a Girl"

The Brit-pop influences that the Last Bandoleros have reflected in the past come shining though in a major way in the music video for their new song "Love With a Girl." The four piece band make their way through the video as the object of their affection appears larger than life against a pencil drawing animation background. The upbeat love song channels another iconic foursome, in a chorus of yeah-yeah-yeahs that their red-headed go-go girl dances, drives and struts to. It's a feel-good frolic straight from the '60s. -- LS

Christian Lopez, "Say Goodbye"

In a flashback to a different decade, Christian Lopez revisits the Brat Pack era with the video for his song, "Say Goodbye." A house party a la 1984 (filmed with actual students from his alma mater in Martinsburg, W.V.) turns into a breakup epidemic when "the heartbreaker" pays a visit. Lopez appears in the video as several different characters, the jock, the stoner, the geek, the metalhead and the sarcastic emo rocker... all of whom lose their respective girlfriends, except the last. In a twist ending, he gets to say hello to his heartbreaker just in time to kiss her goodbye at the end of the video, turning the tables, and also the turntables. Like, totally rad. -- LS

Levi Hummon, "Songs We Sang"

Levi Hummon has shared the lyric video for his latest single, "Songs We Sang." Hummon's clever lyrics tell the story of memories from his home town. Some are a little blurry, while others are a little more clear, but the most important moments are the "Songs We Sang" in days gone by. The peppy anthem draws on a calypso beat and a horn section to deliver the memories of melody, as Hummon gathers with friends to celebrate the good old days. -- LS

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