Ashley Monroe is set to release a new album, Sparrow, on April 20, and the artist says that this new record is all about triumph over suffering. Produced by Dave Cobb at the legendary RCA Studio A, the 12-track project showcases Monroe's songwriting skills as she collaborates with fellow songwriters including Pistol Annies bandmate Angaleena Presley.

"To me this record is about acknowledging past hurt, forgiveness and freedom to move forward," Monroe says in a press release. The album, which Monroe recorded while pregnant with her son Dalton, focuses on making the past a part of the whole story rather than leaving it behind.

"The most terrible things that happen to you are the most beautiful songs," Monroe adds. "That's what I respect the most about music."

Readers can press play below to hear the song "Hands on You," one of the songs on Sparrow. Monroe says the song's sensuality was inspired by a "newfound confidence and feeling like a woman, feeling like a grown-up."

"I've never really shown that side. It feels so good to be a sexy woman and own it. Women, we have the same desires and the same needs as everybody else. Somehow it kinda gets tiptoed over," she tells NPR. "And I get it. It's kinda taboo, I guess. But now, it's like I'm a mom. I'm married. I can talk about sex because it's clearly a part of my life. I think that it's cool for women to hear it, too."

Monroe last released new music in 2015; that year, her sophomore album, The Blade, came out in July. According to Monroe's Pistol Annies bandmate Miranda Lambert, new music from the trio -- which also includes Presley -- is coming in 2018.

Ashley Monroe, Sparrow Track Listing:

1. “Orphan” (Ashley Monroe, Gordie Sampson, Paul Moak)
2. “Hard on a Heart” (Ashley Monroe, Blu Sanders, Paul Moak)
3. “Hands on You” (Ashley Monroe, Jon Randall)
4. “Mother’s Daughter” (Ashley Monroe, Brendan Benson, Ryan Beaver)
5. “Rita” (Ashley Monroe, Nicole Galyon, Paul Moak)
6. “Wild Love” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Brendan Benson)
7. “This Heaven” (Anderson East, Ashley Monroe, Aaron Raitiere)
8. “I’m Trying To” (Ashley Monroe, Kassi Ashton, Jon Randall)
9. “She Wakes Me Up (Rescue Me)” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Paul Moak)
10. “Paying Attention” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne, Brendan Benson)
11. “Daddy I Told You” (Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley, Josh O’Keefe)
12. “Keys to the Kingdom” (Ashley Monroe, Waylon Payne)

Listen to Ashley Monroe's "Hands on You"

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