It's been two weeks since her daughter Millie Chapman said "I do" to husband Ben Long, and Amy Grant has finally headed to her Instagram page to share a breathtaking picture of mother and daughter in those special moments before the wedding.

“It is hard to believe that same 6-week old girl who inspired the lyrics to 'Baby Baby' is now a beautiful married woman,” Grant wrote on Instagram and told People magazine in an exclusive interview. “Her life has given us all a lot of reasons to dance and celebrate!”

The wedding between Chapman and Long took place on April 27 in Nashville, according to People.

“We mainly chose my mom’s backyard [for the reception] because it has always been a place I feel comfortable,” Chapman told the magazine. “We wanted to celebrate it somewhere we felt at home.”

Grant has been married for the past 19 years to Vince Gill; and had Millie while married to her first husband, Gary Chapman.

“When Millie’s father Gary responded to the question ‘Who presents this bride?’ with the words ‘We all do!’ he captured the joy and healing of our big blended family,” Grant tells People. “As Vince and I welcomed the crowd of family and friends to our backyard reception, Vince said, ‘We didn’t do things perfectly...or everything just right...but we’re all here now to celebrate this beautiful couple.'"

“It was great food, lots of dancing and a fun warm environment for our friends and family,” Millie added.

And in recent days, Millie has flooded her own Instagram page with a series of pics from her honeymoon.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Millie's stepdad, Gill, will be returning to the road with the Eagles this month. Their European tour will take them through Belgium, Germany and Amsterdam. He also has a new album coming out in August.

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