Beyond Trafficking will be hosting Abilene’s 2nd annual 'Walk for Freedom.' The walk
is to raise awareness of the human trafficking issues in our own backyard and unite the
community to combat against humane trafficking. The Walk will be at Everman Park on North 1st and Pine street on Saturday, October 17th, beginning with registration at 9am with the walk beginning shortly there after and lasting until 12 noon.

Registration is free can be done in advance online at the Beyond Trafficking website. The walk offers the perfect opportunity to connect with many other local charities and resources as well as meeting with Abilene's leaders.

This is also the perfect opportunity to make a difference and to better our community by learning and connecting with all the different resources available to us right here in the Big Country.

Stephanie Rocha says "Beyond Trafficking is a faith-based organization that exists to bring awareness through education to the injustice of Human Trafficking by creating and facilitating training programs throughout the Abilene and West Texas by collaborating with multiple organizations and volunteers to provide services to the survivors including but not limited to spiritual, medical, dental, mental health, counseling, legal, financial resources, and housing. Mentor programs will be implemented as a way to meet the needs of those individuals struggling to re-orient to their daily lives.

Stephanie Rocha - Founder of Abilene's Beyond Trafficking.

While Abilene's 'Walk for Freedom' is an annual event, it is not meant to be a fundraiser but rather, bring attention to the serious issues  with human trafficking. If you plan on attending the walk, your are asked to wear comfortable walking shoes and dress in all black which is the customary theme to the 'Walk For Freedom' which takes place worldwide.

Rocha says "Saturday we will all be standing together to fight against the atrocities of human trafficking in all forms. We walk in single-file, in silence as the victims of trafficking have also been voiceless. This is a family friendly event and all CDC & social distancing will be adhered to.

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Photo by: Stephanie Rocha
Photo by: Stephanie Rocha

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