Independence Day is here, and it's time to take a good look at Old Glory and make sure she's fit to fly. I just can't remember all the different holidays in which it's okay to fly the flag.

I know there's the 4th of July, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Flag Day. One time I forgot to take it down my flag at night, then there's the unexpected storms, is it too faded or tattered.

There's so much to remember right? The Abilene Area Lions Clubs to the rescue

The Cactus Lions Club, Elmwood West Lions Club and the Wylie Lions Club all offer a "holiday flag service" and they're not alone, local boy scout troops help the Lions clubs by going out and putting up the flags at day-break and taking them down in the evenings. The Lions clubs will keep Old Glory clean and store them too.

When a flag is too tattered, faded or torn they work with the local Boy Scouts and the American Legion to destroy the old flags in a proper ceremony. If you have an old flag, Boyd King with the Cactus Lions club said "do not throw the flag away in a trash can or dumpster, there is a proper way to dispose of Old Glory. please take it to the Boy Scouts office and when enough flags are gathered there will be a proper flag retirement ceremony to dispose of it."

The service the local Lions Clubs offer are for a donation of $35 annually for residential and $40 annually for businesses. Boyd King says "the fee covers the cost of the flag and it's upkeep, and the rest of the money we make on holiday flag service is split between the scouts and the numerous charities we serve here locally." For holiday flag service contact Dean Baird at 325-692-4732.

Flags are placed in residents yard on the eight "Flag Holidays" of a year. (Year 2013)
Feb. 18th Presidents Day
May 18th Armed Forces Day
May 27th Memorial Day
Jun 14th Flag Day
July 4th Independence Day
Sept 11th Patriot Day
Oct 14th Columbus Day
Nov 11th Veterans Day

American Legion flag burning ceremony in Abilene


Video source: Reporter