Katy Perry currently has a contest running in conjunction with Good Morning America in which High School's submit 2 minute videos using her song 'ROAR' as inspiration. Those are then watched by Katy herself and she will eventually chose a winner and that school will win a private concert appearance by Katy on her birthday, Friday, October 25th. It looks like our very own Cooper Cougars have made their own video.

Updated: October 9th 2:00 pm

It has been confirmed that the rumors are true and GMA will be here tomorrow morning to film in the Cooper H.S. gym. So be sure to watch the show in the morning and see our very own Cougars on national TV. By the way GMA airs on KTXS TV from 7-9 am here locally.

Updated: October 9th 11:40 am

While I do not have confirmation on this, Facebook is going crazy with parents and students posting that GMA will be here live Thursday morning (Oct. 10) to reveal that Cooper is among the Top 5 finalists. If I were you I would be tuned in tomorrow morning beginning at 7am for Good Morning America. How exciting is this? If confirmation is received I will certainly pass along more detailed information.

Original Post: October 7th

I spoke with Deborah Kirby, she is in her 3rd year of teaching and 2nd year as cheer coach at Cooper High School. They had been looking for a good reason to make a fun video and when this opportunity presented it's self they ran with it. However, part of the rules were that you had to somehow get the whole school involved. So with a little creativity they ended with the whole school in the gym singing to Katy Perry's ROAR.

Kirby says the video started out going one direction but ended up taking a whole new turn the more they listened to the songs lyrics. They wanted to show all the negative things that kids hear these days and then how one act of kindness can turn that all around like a domino effect. Kirby had students write down negative things they hear everyday, either about themselves or others. She said what they submitted in some cases would break your heart. Those phrases were then written on the cards you will see throughout the video.

Kirby said the kids really got into the making of this video and are ready to do another one.  The experience and fun they had was all worth it even if they don't win the prize of a Katy Perry appearance.

You can watch Good Morning America this week to see if Cooper made the finals. You can also check Katy's website where videos will appear as finalists are announced.

I get goosebumps every time I watch this video. The kids did an awesome job and I'm proud to say I am a Cooper Alum. Class of 1990!!