Zach Coffey recently toured the great state of Texas attempting to give country music fans a good first impression. With just Zach and his guitar driving around trying to share his new single with as many people as possible in a small window of time, I think it's safe to say he left a very good impression on Abilene.

In the first part of the interview, we found out that Zach has a little bit different musical background than most Texas country singers. He tells us, "I've been playing and chasing this country music scene, anyway. I used to sing opera music in college...but over the past year I've really started writing my own music and pursuing the country music, and this is my first single, so I'm super excited.". So why the drastic change in genres? He simply states, "I was good at it, but my heart wasn't into it.". Fair enough. Coffey also took time to share how the experience is on his first radio tour. Take a listen to part 1 of our conversation:

I talked Zach into playing a song for us (which wasn't difficult - after all, he brought his guitar with him), and he sang his single, 'I Love You Anyway'. Check it out:

That's a far cry from opera. I didn't fall asleep once!

We wrapped up our conversation by talking about the future. "We're going everywhere. We're trying to get out as much as we can...I'm playing with some guys - Roger Creager this summer and Zane Wiliams - some guys that I love. I idolize." Here's part three of my conversation with Zach Coffey:

Zach strikes me as a really nice guy, and talent that will have Texas country fans knowing his name in no time. I'm looking forward to the next time we get a chance to meet up. If you want to keep track of Zach Coffey, check out his official website, "like" him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. And you can buy Zach's single, 'I Love You Anyway' on iTunes as well!