When Zac Brown took to the opportunity to rip country music songwriting in general, and specifically Luke Bryan's new single 'That's My Kind of Night', it took the country music community by surprise. Justin Moore has since given his opinion of Brown's harsh words, and has made it clear that he wouldn't have taken the comments well if they were directed toward him. 

Moore too the opportunity in a recent interview posted on Nashville Gab:

"You know what, everybody has their opinions and I don't have a problem with people having their opinions, but where I do have a problem with it is when you call out somebody in your fraternity. Do we all like every song on the radio? Do the fans like every song on the radio? No. I mean, music's subjective. There's never gonna be a song that everybody loves, there's never gonna be a song that everybody hates. But that said, Luke's a friend of mine...I wouldn't have took too kindly to it if I was him."

Moore went on to mention that he wouldn't deal out such criticism to one of his fellow country artists.

"I just don't see the upside to it. You can never make yourself look good by trying to make somebody else look bad."

Of course, Justin isn't the only country star who is taking Bryan's side. Jason Aldean has also spoken up to defend Luke.

Am I the only one who sees Zac Brown's comments as more of a challenge than a diss? Like a lot of fans, Brown simply pointed out that he's concerned with the state of country music songwriting, and that it's becoming too one-dimensional. He made it clear in the interview that Luke Bryan has some great songs. Zac only knocking one of Luke's current single, and actually went out of his way to say he likes a lot of his other work.

Maybe Zac Brown shouldn't have called Luke Bryan out specifically, but there are a lot of music fans who agree with the sentiment of his words.