Yes, you can get pulled over and booked on a DWI even if you're not in a car but instead riding your cooler. Sounds crazy but it happened to a 23 year old in Australia.Yes, Christopher Ian Petrie 23 was pulled over at a resort for driving under the influence.  That's not so unusual, it's his mode of transportation that makes this story, well, NEWS.  He was riding an ice cooler that had been modified with a 50 cc engine.

He was also cited for driving without a license.  The judge, or magistrate as they are called down under, seemed amused in court as Petries lawyers argued whether or not a cooler is legal considered a motor vehicle.

Petries next court appearance is scheduled for August 16th.

Now this intrigued me so I set out looking for a motorized cooler.  Found them.

These coolers it turns out aren't so rare.  You can buy one through specialized companies on-line like Cruzin Cooler but they are a little costly.  They start at about $300.  They can also be found on e-bay for those of you who like to bargain.

These were designed by Kevin Beal, from where else- TEXAS.  He designed them to hold one case but there have been modifications and you can now attach the coolers to one another to make a train like string of  coolers.  There's even a golf cart attachment for those of you who like to golf. They can reach top speeds of 27 kilometers per hour.  So if you've been drinking and you're over the limit make sure you go the speed limit or you might wind up with a DUI/DWI on a cooler.