I just celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary with my wife Donna yesterday, which got me thinking about, how much weddings cost these days. I wonder if I were to get married 'on the cheap'. Could I really save money by purchasing everything from 'Craigslist'? At the mere mention of it here at the radio station, the ladies all asked me if I was out of my mind, two told me, "get out of my office! Now." One asked if I wanted to get hurt and Shay, she just glared at me and then she let loose.

Shay said "Heck no! They got bad mojo. If those rings and dress didn't work for them they ain't going to work for me neither!" I asked my wife what she thought of the idea, she said, "are you out of your mind? No! I don't want no second hand wedding anything, if that Craigslist wedding rings and dress didn't work out the first time I dang sure don't want them!" What she said next floored me, this woman I've been married to for 26 years said "those things are jinxed and they're bad luck, I wouldn't touch them and I probably wouldn't marry you either!"

Here's what I found on Craigslist, if you're interested  in a very economical wedding (cheap), the rings, dress and even the photographer are inexpensive. I even found a guy that will trade his ex-wife's wedding ring for a golf cart.

The Wedding Basics

The wedding dress is a size 14 - $35
Mans wedding ring is a size 13 - $45
Woman's wedding ring size 7 - $150
Wedding Photographer 20 pictures - $25
For a grand total of only $255.00