The big day is tomorrow, Halloween, and everyone has their costumes picked out, their parties ready to go and the pumpkins carved. How would you like to be in charge of an 850 pumpkin? Legoland California, home of Lego toys, has come up with the world's largest Lego pumpkin to bring awareness to their annual event.

Every year Legoland celebrates Halloween with it's Brick-or-Treat Party Night. To celebrate this year and get everyone excited about the event. Legoland designers built a 7 ft. wide, 850 lbs pumpkin made out of 22,000 Lego bricks. The pumpkin is hauled into town and displayed on Hollywood Boulevard where thousands of people admire the Halloween feat and take pictures.

Not only did the crew build the pumpkin but here is also a Dracula, witch, skeleton, wolf and mini-pumpkin on the trailer as well.

Now when your kids ask for Legos for Christmas you might want to go ahead and get those, somebody was paid big money to design and build these huge displays. That could be your child one day!