Well it looks like the judge in Willie's latest marijuana case is not a fan.  She is not letting Willie off of the hook as was expected. I posted on this story a few weeks ago;  that a plea deal had been struck between Willie Nelson and the prosecutors over Willie's last marijuana arrest in 2010.

The plea deal was that Willie plead 'guilty to possession of  drug paraphernalia' and pay a $500 fine.  This all stems from Willie's arrest in November of 2010 near the Texas/Mexico border where marijuana was found on his bus.

However, Judge Becky-Dean Walker refused that plea deal yesterday.  She sited the fact that he would be getting special treatment if that happened.

He now will face a misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana that carries a one year jail term if he's convicted.

So much for getting off easy just because you're a celebrity.  I think Lindsay Lohan might need to meet this judge.

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