Willie Nelson has a new CD, "Band of Brothers" coming out June 27th, and debuted a video for the first song released off the album. The video for 'The Wall' is more than just another single; It serves as a nice history lesson of the American icon.

The video is a Willie Nelson fact machine, posting a montage list of the legendary singer-songwriter's life, starting with his first song written in 1940 all the way up to his upcoming new album. Willie fans won't be surprised with any info, but it serves a 3 and-a-half minute timeline for any youngster who is just now learning of The Red Headed Stranger's legacy.

As for the song, it's another great Willie Nelson song. Excellent lyrics, great guitar, and his easily recognizable, never unemotional voice. The inspiration for the new tune? The road. Nelson tells Rolling Stone, "I had been on tour, and, the next thing you know, I hit the wall. It turns out it's a pretty good song.". Check out the video here:

At age 81, I can't help but wonder how many more songs Willie has in him. But I can say with no uncertainty, whatever he gives us from here out will be top notch.