His mother, Shirley, insisted he take piano lessons, his hatred for piano lessons were outweighed by his desire to play football. Both mom and dad insisted Kevin Fowler stay with music. Looking back, he thinks his folks made the right call. “They were probably thinkin’ to themselves, ‘We’ve seen you play football—that’s no good!’” Fowler recalls. Ask Kevin Fowler today to describe his music, his show and himself and he will tell you, “It’s country with a bad attitude. It’s country with an edge. It’s just beer-drinkin’, hell-raisin’, good-time country music.” If you've ever been to one of Kevin's shows, you will agree the he delivers the goods. And what I mean by the goods it is a high energy, bad attitude, hell raising, beer drinking good time.

After seeing Fowler perform here in Abilene and at various venues throughout the Lone Star State It appears to me that he has a real love for his music and for his fans. It's evident in his concerts and in his videos as he incorporates into his videos, many of his family, friends and others in the country music business.

His mom may have won out in forcing a young Kevin Fowler to play piano and his dad constantly shared his love for music by constantly playing Buck Owens, Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, and Roy Clark. Kevin rebelled by gravitating toward rock music like AC/DC, Kiss, The Cars, Metallica, and other non-country bands.  "It wasn’t ‘til later on in life that I thought, 'country music is really cool.'" In the beginning Kevin Fowler was in a rock band called "Dangerous Toys." Today much of the Texas Country Music genre is extremely grateful that Kevin soon turned his love to country music. It's no wonder why Kevin Fowler is winning the keanradio.com online Shootout against Nashville superstar Tobey Keith, Fowler loves his music and fans and his fans are extremely loyal to Kevin. Go vote online right now at keanradio.com for your favorite, you'll even be able to hear both songs.