Lorrie Morgan was a staple artist during the '90s but we haven't heard much from her since. I loved her music and miss her music so I began to wonder what happened to her. What I found is that, although she's not getting much radio play, that hasn't stopped her from recording and performing.

While finding out about Lorrie Morgan I also ran across another favorite from the '90s that we haven't heard from lately and that is Pam Tillis. The two stars joined forces on an album 'Dos Divas' (available on iTunes) and set out on a 'Grits and Glamour' tour. They've been touring together since 2010.

Lorrie also released a solo album 'I Walk Alone' at the end of 2010. She continues to tour solo as well. 2010 seems to have been a banner year for Morgan as she also got married, this time to businessman, Randy White.

On the subject of life, love, music and family Morgan had this to say in her bio:

 “I have been a daughter, a bride, a mother, a divorcee, a widow, a single mother, a grandmother, a breadwinner, and ultimately, a survivor. It seems, in many ways, that I am a living, breathing country song and I know what I sing. My music and songwriting has a healing power for me personally, and I these days, that’s what I aspire to be, a compelling and captivating music poet!”

So Morgan is still around singing as always but it's more 'on the road' these days; whether it be solo or with her bestie Pam Tillis on the Grits & Glamour Tour.

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