It seems that the lines between music genres are blurring.  Old 80's rock stars are now becoming country artists and country artists are teaming up with pop and rock artists to make huge hits.  It's a smart marketing move, I have to say. You get top artists from their respective genre bringing all of their fans to the table and you have doubled your exposure.  That's been happening more and more these days and the results are terrific.

Most recently country stars Rascal Flatts teamed up with pop artist Natasha Bedingfield for the song "Easy" and this song is shooting up the charts, not to mention burning up my request line.  Unfortunately as great as the song is, I can't play it every ten minutes.

Honestly sometimes I hear the song but I don't necessarily listen to the words.  That was the case with this song I really hadn't listened to it until I watched the video.  It's about two people who have split up but still have to put on a happy face and move on, no one knows how hard it is because they make it look so "Easy".  Check out the video for yourself.

Another collaboration,"Country Boy", that seemed a little out there when I first heard it was rock artist Aaron Lewis from the band Staind along with Charlie Daniels, George Jones and Chris Young.  This song is all about Aaron's roots as a down to earth country boy. Just like many of us Aaron came from humble beginnings.  He's from Springfield, Massachusetts;  he's an outdoorsman( you may have seen him on the outdoor channel hunting whitetail deer) he's a dad, a strong supporter of our military and community education.

This is the video of the song "Country Boy"; it basically tells Aaron's point of view about our country and where we stand right now.  Charlie Daniels sums it all up in just a few words at the end of the song/video.

A few years ago putting a pop or rock star on country music would have been a big no-no, but there seems to be more tolerance of music in general, no matter what genre as long as it's good it will be played. Remember, Jack White produced Loretta Lynn's last album and Johnny Cash covered a Nine Inch Nails tune. It's a symbiosis that seems to work and is producing great music and that is the bottom line.