I used to call home from a payphone almost every day on my school campus from 6th through 10th grade. I had to let my parents know that practice was over, or I was done at the library, and I needed a ride home. Nowadays, kids can call or text from their cell phones. Times have changed.

We all have cell phones now, right? Even most of our kids have them. Some of us have several! There used to be payphones all over the place, but now we're to a point where it's hard to find one anywhere.

I was recently in a Dallas mall and came across a payphone. Or, so I thought it was a payphone. What it turned out to be was a payphone station with the phone ripped out of it. Weird.

A few days later, I found another empty payphone station here in Abilene. After thinking about it for a minute, I couldn't tell you where the nearest payphone is to my house, work, or any other place that I go to on a regular basis. How many people still use these things, and how often?

I can tell you that the last time I used a payphone was June 2009. I lost my cell phone, had car trouble, was out of town by myself and I had to walk about 1/2 mile to a gas station to find the nearest payphone. I feel kind of lucky there was one that close.

Take a second and let us know, when is the last time you used a payphone? Answer the poll, and let me know if you have an interesting payphone-related story in the comment section below.