National Flip-Flop day is coming June 15th, are you ready to hang out with your toes out? If you're planning on celebrating the day you might want to make sure your feet are presentable first. While researching this holiday I found something very interesting, it's not just a fun holiday but it actually was created to send kids with life-threatening illnesses, and their families to camp for relaxation and fun.

Now I love my flip-flops but there are some people who will wear them year round even when there is snow on the ground! Flip-flops are fun, the name even sounds fun don't you think? That's exactly what Camp Sunshine is for, to allow these sick children and their families get away and forget their everyday stresses.

While Camp Sunshine has been around since 1984, flip-flop day was started just 6 years ago by the Tropical Smoothie Café. The chain has 300 stores nation wide that participate in the event. On June 15, from 2-7 all customers that come in sporting their best flip-flops receive a 24oz. Jetty Punch Smoothie in return they simply ask for a donation to send children to Camp Sunshine.

Camp Sunshine is located in Maine and is free to any child with a life-threatening illness, and their immediate family. The camp is designed to allow these families time to relax and leave behind all the day to day stresses they have. There are on-site medical facilities open 24 hours, psychosocial support and bereavement groups for the families as well.

So this June 15th when you pull out those flip-flops remember it could be for a good cause. For more information about flip-flop day check out this website and for more on Camp Sunshine check out their web as well.