Money is nice to have. The problem with money is that nobody I know - myself included - ever seems to quite have enough of it. That's a big reason why I love giving cash away every Friday with the "Friday 5 @ 5" contest on the radio. Along with American Classified, I give away $105.00 cash to a KEAN listener to spend any way they wish. Pretty cool, huh? All you need as the latest copy of American Classified, and to listen Fridays at 5:00. Here's an idea how it works:

I totally understand that $105.00 isn't a life-changing windfall, but it can buy a lot of things. A really nice dinner, a couple tanks of gas, a new outfit, or even an overnight hotel stay to get out of the house. Often times, KEAN listeners aren't sure what they'll do with the cash until after they've won, and that's okay too.

Think about it and tell me, what would you do with an extra $105.00?