Ray Lewis, veteran linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens will be playing in his final game in Super Bowl XLVII. Widely considered one of the greatest defensive players in the history of the game, Lewis is a past Super Bowl MVP, has captained one of the most feared defenses in the NFL for the past 17 seasons, and plays football with an unmatched intensity. Check out his amazing career stats here. But as a footnote to his illustrious career, Ray Lewis also has a past off the field.

In 2000, following Super Bowl XXXIV, Ray Lewis was arrested and charged with murder for his role involving the death of two men outside a New Orleans night club. The trial that followed left people wanting the truth about what happened. Although Lewis agreed to a plea bargain that had his murder charges knocked down to aggravated assault in exchange for his testimony against two other men who were with him that night.

Those two men, despite Ray Lewis' testimony, were acquitted of murder. In the civil suits that followed, Lewis settled out of court with the victims' families in both cases for an undisclosed amount of money. You can get the complete timeline of the events here.

That's the Ray Lewis legacy in a nutshell.

With the 2013 Super Bowl Media Day coming up, thousands of reporters from around the world will converge on players and coaches participating in the big game, including Ray Lewis. Because of this, I began to ask friends and coworkers, if you had one question you could ask the Ravens linebacker, what would it be?

Some of the responses I received were a little off the beaten path, referring to Ray's endorsement deals and commercials he's been featured in. My coworker, Frank, said he would ask "Does your mom really feed you Chunky Soup on the sideline?". My brother Jeff says his question would be "What's your favorite color?", referring to an NFL promotional ad he filmed.

A friend of mine, Ryan, would ask a football-related question, "Is there any chance of you guys losing to a rookie QB in the biggest game of the year?". Good one.

Other responses, like the one from my coworker Rudy, were more to the point. He would ask, "Do you think that, with your NFL career ending, that the public will begin to demand answers regarding the incident in 2000?". Shay would ask, "Do you have a conscience?". Eddie, a sports broadcaster, says he would simply ask "What really happened back in 2000?".

Another response was from my cousin, Chris, who says he'd ask "Do you and O.J. speak on a regular basis?".

I think I would ask Ray if he ever plans to write a book, and share with us his entire life story, including the details of his off field issues. I wouldn't buy that book, but I'd borrow it from someone who did.

If you could be at Super Bowl Media Day, what one question would you ask Ray Lewis? Would it be a question that relates to football, his legal issues, or something else altogether? Please share your question in the comment section.