I've been told my entire life that everyone has a special talent, and I believe it to be fact. We see a lot of people these days showing off their talents on television shows like "America's Got Talent" all the time. But if you have a talent like mine, you know what it's like for your special talent to be forgotten, found to be useless, or we just get too embarrassed to share.

Some people have talents that are easily noticed and shared often. My wife is an amazing singer/songwriter and has a knack for crafting. My coworker Rudy can do just about anything with one arm, and tells terrible jokes as well as anyone I know. My brother, Greg, does a near perfect karaoke of Prince's "Kiss".

But other special talents, like mine, are less noticeable. Does that mean it's any less special? Absolutely. But I felt the need to share nonetheless, and I encourage you to do the same.

I learned my special hidden talent when I was about 7, and was allowed to stay up late and watch The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I remember seeing a gentleman contort himself in such a way that my whole family shouted things to the effect of "what in the world was that?".

I didn't shout. I was a little surprised, because what that guy did on television looked very easy to me. I remember thinking to myself "he got to go on t.v. for this?". So I stood up in front of my family and "turned myself inside-out" for the first time.

It's been my special hidden talent ever since. My brothers will occasionally ask me to do this 5 second exercise in silliness when there's a lull in a family get together. I used to break my hidden talent out at parties when the mood hit me. But I can't remember the last time I "turned myself inside-out" until this video was made.

So, what about you? Do you, or does someone you know, have a special hidden talent?