We were having a discussion today on what different acronyms mean, obviously T.G.I.F is the most popular and for the most part stands for "Thank God It's Friday", or "Thank Goodness It's Friday". Somebody said it stood for (and I love this one) "Thank God I'm Forgiven". As the day wears on, I've heard more meanings for T.G.I.F. than I have ever heard before.
Here's a list of what everyone else has offered thus far:

  • Today God Is First
  • Thank God I'm Free
  • That Girl Is Fine
  • Thank God I'm Female
  • That Girl Is Fake
  • The Green Initiative Foundation
  • Toes Go In First
  • The Girl/Guy Is Fat
  • Today Greatly Influences Forever
  • Tastes Good In Food
  • Toyota's Go Incredibly Fast,

I thought the last one was pretty clever, plus there's a T.G.I.F. Toyota video too. It just so happens to be a NASCAR type video, and you know what NASCAR stands for right? "National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing".