There are bands we love, there are bands we hate, there are bands we hate to love and there are bands we love to hate. What I want to know is what band do you love to hate the most?

Nickelback is a great example. So many people talk trash about this band, yet they still sell out stadium/arena tours and are ridiculously multi-platinum. Those are real numbers, not just something in the Nickelback camp makes up. So, it’s obvious, along with the millions that talk smack, there are millions that love them. I’d be willing to bet the crowd on both sides probably cross at some point making some of them people that love to hate Nickelback. I’m one of those. I actually like Nickelback. There music is good and their live show is over the top. But, it’s also a ton of fun throwing around the Nickleback jokes. Kinda like Aggie or Lebron James jokes ya know.

Other artists or bands that might make this list could be Guns n Roses, Van Halen, Dixie Chicks, Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, and Creed.

What artist/band do you love to hate the most?