If it's a good commercial it will stick with you. You will remember it, even if it's annoying. That's what great advertisement is all about. Whether you like the product or not you will remember it if the commercial grabs your attention. Here are my top 5 favorites for smart commercials.

This commercial for Target's back to school campaign is annoying but I dare you not to try to sing along with it. My family has to turn the volume up and sing along every time this one comes on. Denim....denim...shaun white hoodie and Denim.......
It has gotten tons of online hits and has taken on a life of it's own. Bet this teacher will be back next year.

The Allstate commercials with Mayhem crack me up. Love everyone of them, but I couldn't use them all so I picked just one of my favorites. It's the Mayhem Toddler. The backseat looks like a moms car and Mayhem is acting just like a 2 year old, throwing stuff and screaming the whole time.

Who can resist a little darth vader? You never see the kid but you can just imagine this little boy running around dressed up as his favorite Star Wars character trying to make things happen with his super powers. Luckily dad plays along using his key less remote to start the car from inside the house.

Now KIA vehicles has come up with the dancing hamsters. They've become a staple of the "Soul" model vehicle. It's for a younger crowd and the 12 year old loves the music and dancing in this one.

Now I love the E-trade baby. He's had some really great commercials for his product but in this video he's with other babies dressed up like the Fox NFL Sports commentators. The voice overs are hilarious especially the baby Terry Bradshaw.