It's almost time for school to start back. For some kids it will be their first day of school, for others it's entering a new grade for yet others, they may be entering a whole new school.
No matter what the stress level for some kids can go up with anxiety and fear of the unknown.

They will have new teachers, new friends, new expectations. It seems 6th and 9th graders may have the hardest time due to the fact that they are moving not just to a new grade but to a new school with older kids in most cases. These are the kids going into jr. high/middle school and high school. They have new routines to learn and multiple classes to go to. This can cause anxiety levels to jump the first few days.

A licensed counselor from New Mexico, Jane Brandt, was interviewed by a television morning show on way to ease the stress and anxiety of heading back to school.
A few of her tips are make sure the child has all the supplies they need to start the year. Talk with them ahead of time to ease their minds about what to expect. Visit the school and teachers if possible ahead of time. Make sure you have everything ready to go the night before, so you're not running around at the last minute.

You won't be able to completely eliminate stress and anxiety but hopefully this will help you and your kids relax a little and be able to enjoy the moment a little more. After all, you can't get these days back.