JB and the Moonshine Band has a new video out for their latest single, 'The Only Drug'. With this one, JBMB asked for help from their fans to decide how it ends. Here's your chance to find out how fans voted, and see if "he made it to the diner".

'The Only Drug', which made its debut this week on CMT, opens with a man in a panic, running into a house, frantically trying to get his woman packed and out of there. He's clearly in trouble, being chased, and trying to keep the lady out of harm's way. They clear out of the house in the nick of time, as a truck full of angry guys with guns show up and bust in the front door. A chase ensues, and the couple finally shakes the bad guys by ducking through backyards and alley ways.

Just when you think the story's over, the man decides he needs to go back to the house, and risk life and limb for some unknown reason. Come to find out, it's an engagement ring he left behind. As he pockets the ring, the bad guys return to the house. There's a fight, shots are fired, and...

I don't want to spoil it. Watch the whole JB and the Moonshine Band 'The Only Drug' video here:

Cool video. Did it end the way you wanted?