Remember just a few weeks ago all those Navy SEALs that died protecting us? Well the Washington Nationals Major League baseball team wanted to honor them by wearing special caps during the game. However, that's not going to happen say the higher powers that be.

The Washington Nationals are a MLB team from Washington D.C., our nations capitol. They wanted to honor those soldiers who gave their lives when their chopper was shot down over Afghanistan. The league officials put a nix on that plan. Saying that they do have special events where special hats are worn.

“We reserve hats for national tributes, where every club is wearing them on the same day,” league spokesman Pat Courtney told the Washington Post.

The Nationals were told they could only wear the hats during batting practice, so that's what they did. They also provided a pregame dinner for Iraq and Afghanistan war vets and their families.


I think sometimes you need to set the "rules" aside and do the honorable thing. Good on the Nationals for doing what they did anyway.