It's December and it's cold and I want to head to a beach somewhere. I want to have a drink, read a book, go snorkeling and hiking and eat food without guilt. It's called vacation and I want to go somewhere tropical. So I picked some of the best beaches to escape to, according to the Travel Channel.

Negril seems to be the top spot in Jamaica to visit. I've not been there but I have been to Montego Bay 2 or 3 times and had the best time. I was on a cruise so I only hit a few attractions but what I can tell you is the food is awesome. Love some jerk chicken! The drinks were plentiful and the water and jungles full of adventure. I went zip lining the first trip to Jamaica and I haven't found a better place yet. Huge trees and lots of rain and great guides were found in Jamaica. The ocean is a beautiful blue and the people were overly friendly.

I thought the waters of Mexico were beautiful but I honestly cannot describe the different hues of blue you will see when traveling to the Bahamas. This is the most incredible blue I think I've ever seen. In fact I bought a ring with blue diamonds, the same color as the water, so I could always remember what it looked like. We visited the Atlantis Resort and spent the day playing, looking at the extensive aquarium, shopping, eating, and you can even do a little gambling at the casino (although I didn't try my hand at that). This is a great place to take the family, very kid friendly. There are many different islands in the Bahamas to visit so depending on the atmosphere you are looking for you are certain to find one that fits your needs.

Now this was a great trip. My boyfriend and I actually traveled Puerto Rico more as residents than tourists. We found a condo on the beach of Luquillo, where native Puerto Ricans live, and spent the week. We rented a car and did our own driving and exploring. We shopped, although I wasn't allowed to hit the mall too much other great stuff to do! My boyfriend ziplined for the first time, although we will go further into the jungles next time, we found a better place. We went into San Juan and did some historical site seeing of the missions, took the ferry across to Culebra for some incredible kayaking and snorkeling, sat out on the beach in front of our condo reading, did some (ok, a lot of drinking) and tasting of new and different foods and loved every minute of it. Culebra, by the way, is the most crystal clear water I have ever seen. You could see straight down 50 ft. clear as a bell. I totally recommend Puerto Rico and you don't need a passport.

I've never been here so I have no first hand experience for this one. But it comes highly recommended and it's on my bucket list. It has luscious green mountains, romantic resorts and beaches, shopping, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, horseback riding, ATV sports and more. Kids are welcome but I see this as more of a romantic couples getaway.

This is a bonus location. It's very pricey but it's a place I long to visit. It's on my bucket list. I want to stay in an over the water bungalow, go to the spa, sit on the couch/porch with the windows open listening the the waves and smelling the fresh sea air. I just need about $10,000 to get there. I told you it was pricey; if I ever win the lottery that's the first place I will go.

If you, like me, can't afford a trip like Bora Bora try one of the others they are more affordable. Better yet check out our Boots in the Sand Getaway. It's affordable, all inclusive and you get to hear 4 great performers with concerts each night of your stay.